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@uint8_t btw yeah it takes 1G ram and 1 core for 3 minutes on my machine.

@uint8_t mhh thats interesting. maybe it is something about the polygon stage not good at the aliasing (not sure if the right word) between the rods (where they almost but not quite intersect)

@uint8_t yeah now i see how the resolution setting works in this project, thanks.

it just bothers me when i rotate the preview and i have to wait.
this happens a lot with threads (as in fasteners).

@uint8_t wait thats not even possible … i was thinking about the settings in a scad project not in openscad

@uint8_t have you lowered the preview resolution yet? it is the first thing i do when i have a complicated project :(

@uint8_t @dragon you could say it is brutalist design because the real function of the thing is exposed and visible.
of course a lot of people dislike this kind of design; i find it fascinating.

@compl4xx ich hab grad so eine scene wie bei "strange planet" vor augen in dem ich außerirdischen erklären muss warum es ständig missverständnisse gibt, wenn doch die sprachen irgendwie grundätzlich ähnlich sind.

@uint8_t i recently got a darter from system76. they are expensive but have ports and exchangable ram and ship with gnu/linux

plötzlich der dringende wunsch selber 3d-druck-filament herzustellen. kennt da jemand irgendwen mit so einer extrudiermaschine?

@andyc [^\.]* means: any number of characters that are not a backslash or a dot (backslash in square brackets is different from outside.)

@ospalh ich meinte vor allem das diese komische reihe eigentlich gar nicht so amerikanisch ist. die entsprechenden normen wurden in europa entwickelt (england und deutschland).

@ospalh allerdings sind ⅝ und ⅞ äußerst selten geworden.

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Nunja... äh... Kekse, Animu usw.