Do you use Firefox Sync?
And if no or something different, would you please be so kindly and say why/ what?
Like always: retoots welcome

@fuyuhikodate I said yes, but only to keep the bookmarks and addons of the pool computers of our student radio in sync, where no history is stored. Privately I won't use it because of privacy concerns (which for my browsing history and bookmarks would probably apply for _any_ public cloud). But I have thought about hosting my own ff sync server, which is apparently possible:

@fuyuhikodate I used the previous incarnation after I understood how safe my data was, then it was discontinued "shortly" after. And I would say the use case never bothered me enough to go read about the current incarnation in depth to understand how safe my data is. (But maybe I fall in the "use other tools", when really needed I probably just send links to myself via Signal or my TODO list app.)

@fuyuhikodate I thought firefox weave beforehand was far superior. The allegedly difficult problem of users losing their sync password seemed dubious to me. For almost all of these people they still have a browser and can just reset their sync again with a new secret. I always wondered if they’d been coerced or not.

@fuyuhikodate I use Bitwarden which also fills forms, not only passwords, and provides passwords with more special characters.

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