#PrivacyBadger is a useful add-on from the #EFF for web browsers that helps protect users from being tracked.

You can get it from the official site:


It is really easy to use, it automatically learns as it goes along, and you can use it simultaneously with different kinds of protective add-ons like uBlock Origin.

If you have a non-techie friend or relative who is concerned about privacy, you might want to install Privacy Badger on their browser.


2 questions... why should i trust anymore when they are going to work with google?
(Whichshould be the opposite what eff stands for)

Second. Die you ever heard about the fork privacy possum? Whats your thougts about it?


1. Totally agree with what @aral and others say about Google whitewashing their reputation through sponsoring privacy orgs. However, I have to balance this against giving people options that are easy to use. Privacy Badger works and it's extremely easy to use, it's FLOSS so it can be verified that it isn't doing shady stuff.


2. Didn't know about privacy possum, looks interesting! The one question I would have is long term support, a lot of smaller forks that get suggested to switching.social get abandoned. Are the people behind it in it for the long haul?


@switchingsocial that is actually a good question. I can only sayonly time will tell? There is a github Page and right now its still maintaned github.com/cowlicks/privacypos

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