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Long time overdue "some Kind of introduction" post:

Yo my Name is fuyuhikodate date. Name and Avatar are from my Favorite childhodhold Videogames when my life Was a mess...
Avatar and Name on Fediverse does NOT say anything about me, my gender or my skin color.
What it does Tell ya: i Still love Videogames, i still Do love Cave Story.

If i try to follow ya you probably:
- have a bandcamp Account and i am interested in ya music
- you post something which i found indeed very - 1/3

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Regardless if you post something or not... If you have an bandcamp Account the odds are pretty high that i try to follow ya! :D

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Do you use Firefox Sync?
And if no or something different, would you please be so kindly and say why/ what?
Like always: retoots welcome

Already finished 6 games this year... I think tomorrow i Start to tackle some VR games :)

Und zwar wohl vor allem jenseits von Twitter. Überlegt euch was!

* Transparente an die Balkone
* Briefe und E-Mails an die Senator*innen
* eine Berliner Petition..?

People who Save passwords inside Firefox are the worst...

Das wir ernsthaft Ausgangssperre diskutieren müssen statt Generalstreik

According to the various Internet search engines, men (Born as man) are not interested to know how to take care of their skin or hair...

The problems with right now are always a reason why i am happy to habe also xD

Gibt es hier queer(friendly) Leute, die Lust haben, sich zu Rheuma auszutauschen? :boost_ok:

Somebody wanna play Dr. Mario against me on 3ds? :D

It's 100% valid to want cw'ed political posts

Real talk: We know how much more insane the world got today. We are continuing to host #CircusInPlace as a space where you can catch your breath between doomscrolls.

Thank you for helping us continue to create a little bubble of safe space amid the chaos.

It'll be there for you if you need it, starting at 8pm UTC-6, and running until the adrenaline caused by reading the news wears, dawn?

Nennt mir euer lieblings Open-Source Projekt aus dem Bereich IT-Sicherheit - und auch weshalb.

Somebody wNna play Dr Mario ds online against me? :D

Eine kleine Bitte: Packt immer ein Datum auf Artikel, die ihr ins Web stellt.

Zum Beispiel erzählt die brandaktuelle Dokumentation des Jack Audioservers, wie man was macht, unter dem Kernel 2.6 ..... wann war das? 1756?
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Nunja... äh... Kekse, Animu usw.