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Long time overdue "some Kind of introduction" post:

Yo my Name is fuyuhikodate date. Name and Avatar are from my Favorite childhodhold Videogames when my life Was a mess...
Avatar and Name on Fediverse does NOT say anything about me, my gender or my skin color.
What it does Tell ya: i Still love Videogames, i still Do love Cave Story.

If i try to follow ya you probably:
- have a bandcamp Account and i am interested in ya music
- you post something which i found indeed very - 1/3

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The extradition appeal of #Assange starts today in London. The USA will try to cancel a Jan.4th. decision to NOT extradite him. He faces 175y in max-security prison for "espionage" for publishing truthful information about war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A bit of context:

- My son Julian Assange - Short videos where his father tells his story (subtitles in FR, DE)

- WeeklyLeaks #3 - 20 pages newspapers

#FreeAssangeNow #FreeAssange

Es gibt einen Gruppenaccount für das Kaufen und Tauschen, fürs Suchen und Verschenken hier in diesem unglaublichen Fediversum: @marktplatz 👍.
Hat noch viel zu wenig Folgende - jetzt schon mal eine mehr 😎.
#fedifollows #feditipps

I understand that this probably isn't like, a common thing on the fedi
but anybody got cool follow recs for alternative fashion/kawaii fashion/fashion stuff in general? Any awesome fashion people here?

The gender of the day is a hidden solar system.

Mit einfachen Mitteln können Android- und iOS-Nutzer Werbung, Tracker und Co. systemweit (in allen Apps) loswerden.

Bitte teilen. 🧙‍♂️

#Android #iOS #Tracking #Werbung

Goddamit thas Was a nice and intimate (emotionally) Trip with friends last night. Just made me realize again that "normal relationships" will never work for me... Ingod damit need it that i can lay down and cuddle with somebody whenever i need it and not just with "one special someone"..

while engaging in passive activities such as films or lesson, please do not forget to provide enrichment for your adhd friends by passing them entertaining objects such as ;
-pens (clickable)
-very small pieces of paper
-difficult to eat snacks

thank u

I am goddamn high right now and i just wanna hug you all right now :)

So whoever is reading this right now: i hope you're comfy and cozy! And Drink water! Or a Hot cocoa! And feel hugged!

⚡ I have new #XMPP adress ⚡

Many people told me, that my old XMPP server: is on some alert-list because of spam... they couldn't add me to buddy list because of security policy of their XMPP servers...

So, I decided to change the server. My NEW XMPP account: (OMEMO)

Feel free to add me, write me, be happy, love XMPP, hate fascism! :yayblob: :anarchismred:

🔥 about my new server →

I randomly just bought a Comic book just because of its title (i mean its clearly a Hommage to the Phrase "be Gay, Do crime") and i am loving it!!
I think cis/straight people should definitly read more stuff like that

Dang i hate it when i am Meeting cute new (trans)people and my brain is like:
"dont try to flirt... those are coworkers... You don't flirt with your coworkers!"

I love my Job but sometimes i feel pretty lonley Here...

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